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The Love & Records music festival and record fair aims to be a respected music collectors & oddities festival serving Southern Alberta. Currently the event is held annually in September in Galt Gardens, Downtown Lethbridge. This venue provides an ideal experience to bring together a community of music lovers to share their collections and passions - combining art, food, live music all day, raffles, records, and fun in the park!  We are seeking vendors of Vinyl Records, CDs, Tape, 8-Tracks, (Rare) Music Collectibles, Music Equipment & Gear, Posters, Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Food, Cool stuff!

How to Reserve your Vendor Spot:

  1. Click on photo or title to add the vendor spot to your cart (online checkout only this year!)
  2. Fill out the Vendor Registration Form
  3. Join our mailing list
  4. Enter your mailing address and billing information
  5. Submit your application
  6. Receive an email receipt and confirmation # that we have received your application
  7. We will follow up and confirm ASAP!

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Vendor Terms & Conditions

On September 16th 2017, CKXU will present an outdoor event at Galt Gardens in downtown Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada called “Love & Records”. By setting up as a vendor at “Love & Records”, you agree to the following terms & conditions:

  1. Setup/load-in is taking place at various times from 5pm on Friday, September 15th until 10am on Saturday, September 16th. You may not load-in or outside of these hours, unless previous arrangements are made with Love & Records Operations.
  2. Take-down/load-out starts at 6:00pm on Saturday, September 16th. You may not take-down outside of these hours, unless previous arrangements are made with Love & Records Operations.
  3. CKXU does not provide assistance with load-in or take-down.
  4. CKXU will allow the Vendor to rent space at the event for the purpose of selling the Vendor’s product or service to those in attendance at Love & Records.
  5. The Vendor agrees to pay fees to rent their space, correlating to the level of space required.  All monies for fees are due upon arrival at the festival, before setting up your space.
  6. CKXU is not responsible for any theft of merchandise or other damages incurred by the Vendor, while vending at Love & Records.
  7. The Vendor will not operate any machinery or electronics that produce excess sound or visuals that may interfere with the ambience or atmosphere of Love & Records and the mainstage performance artists.
  8. If the Vendor is providing food service, it is their responsibility to meet the additional requirements as set out by the City of Lethbridge and Alberta Health Services or other governing agencies. The Vendor assumes all responsibility and costs for obtaining any permits or insurance required for food service in advance of Love & Records.
  9. CKXU has obtained insurance coverage for the event to protect CKXU and the City of Lethbridge. If the Vendor wishes to have their own insurance coverage, it is their sole responsibility to obtain same.
  10. CKXU accepts absolutely no responsibility for negligent, illegal or otherwise unsafe and/or risky behavior on the part of the Vendor or the general public at, during or after Love & Records.
  11. If the Vendor is perceived to be a risk or threat to those in attendance at the event or the event itself, then CKXU reserves the right to eject the Vendor from Love & Records at the Vendor’s expense.
  12. The event will continue regardless of in-climate weather and will only be cancelled in extreme circumstances (EX. temperatures below -5C or severe thunderstorms).
  13. CKXU agrees to make every effort possible to advertise, promote and raise awareness for the event, leading up to and including the day of Love & Records. Please inquire about our marketing and promotional plan, if interested.
  14. CKXU is presenting Love & Records as an environmentally friendly, sustainable event. As a result, the following items are banned from sale or distribution: bottled water, styrofoam food containers, other forms of non-biodegradable disposable (non-recyclable) food containers. CKXU reserves the right to cease operations of any other potentially excessively environmentally damaging practice by the Vendor. Please inquire about what may constitute an “excessively environmentally damaging practice” if you are concerned that some of your operations may fall into this category.
  15. CKXU is presenting Love & Records as a safe, inclusive environment free of all discrimination, oppression, bigotry and hate. As a result, the sale of any materials which could be deemed as promoting discrimination, oppression, bigotry or hate is banned. Further, any exposition or display that may be considered as discriminatory, oppressive, bigoted or hateful will be removed from the site.

Vendor Questions?

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