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L&R Artist Profile: Boots and the Hoots

"Praise be to hillbilly heaven, the spirit of Hank Williams is alive and well. Alberta's Ol' Boots & the Hoots have resurrected the broken vocal formula that was perfected by Southern storytellers years ago and has since inspired so many amnesiac stadium-country singers. The 11-track Pinecone Cowboy features a poised collection of wittily crafted, downtempo western melodies, a cactus in the ass of modern, power-ballad country crooners that forgot the music of their grandfathers. " - EXCLAIM! Magazine

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L&R Artist Profile: Ryland Moranz and his band

Rylands concise and lyrically driven songwriting is deep beyond his years with an emphasis on storytelling and an increasing awareness that life is always bigger than you think it is. Sometimes politically satirical and often offset with fun loving humor, Rylands wit and social conscience shine through in the well crafted vernacular of a songwriter that has found their voice. Accompanying himself with acoustic and electric guitar, tenor guitar, Harmonica, Piano, mandolin, button accordion and banjo, his multi instrumental approach provides the a great foil to the words he puts to paper.

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L&R Artist Profile: Megan Nash

From the minute you meet Megan, you know her. Her spirituality, losses, and the truth behind her stories and songs. She is as open with herself as she is with her songwriting. Combining honesty and a powerful voice to create an unbeatable performance, Megan Nash is the shivers down your spine, the sugar in your tea and the feeling you can’t shake on a late night walk in the middle of nowhere.

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L&R Artist Profile: Groove Apostles

Breaking the boundaries of traditional jazz, the Groove Apostles (GA) creates a modern sound fusing jazz and funk with an energetic performance. The Groove Apostles from Lethbridge Alberta is a small Fusion Alternative Band that specializes in Jazz, Funk, and Popular music. The band's classical background merges the sophistication of a Jazz Standard with the intensity and heart of a Soul tune.

Art Gallery, Community Support

Outdoor Art Gallery features "Living Walls"

Each local artist featured is interpreting this concept in their own unique style and perspective. A living wall - literally could be growing plants, it could be artists making a living wage, the garbage collected during a time of living or watching an artist create during the day - a living example of our beautiful existence. Please come see for yourself what the 5 chosen artists install during this years Love & Records!

Community Support

L&R Sponsors PDGA 2016 Spring Run-Off Disc Golf Tournament

Love & Records is proud to sponsor a hole at the 2016 Spring Run-off Tournament, a PDGA C-Tier 2 day event that will feature an awesome weekend of disc golf with some of the premiere players in our community!  Hosted by Bridge City Gunners Disc Golf at Nicolas Sheran Park in West Lethbridge held on Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Sunday, May 1, 2016.