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L&R Artist Profile: SPARKLE BLOOD

Boy/girl guitar and drums duo playing dirty, fun, poppy garage rock inspired by life

SPARKLE BLOOD playing live at Canada Day 2016 in Lethbridge

Hailing from the windy city of Lethbridge, Alberta, Sparkle Blood slams 15+ songs together into 35 minutes of sweaty fun, taking you back to a special time and place where you don't care about the fact you have to work tomorrow at 7:00am.

Sparkle Blood have share stages across Alberta with acts like The Pack AD, Renny Wilson Punk Explosion, Diamond Mind, and Slow Down, Molasses, and were featured at Electric Eye Music Festival last spring, who described them as "...the soundtrack for a grown up Holden Caulfield, who finally found love and got his shit reasonably together. Boy/girl vocals harmonize over pounding drums and sparkling guitar."