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L&R Artist Profile: Boots and the Hoots

"Praise be to hillbilly heaven, the spirit of Hank Williams is alive and well.  Alberta's Ol' Boots & the Hoots have resurrected the broken vocal formula that was perfected by Southern storytellers years ago and has since inspired so many amnesiac stadium-country singers."
- Exclaim Magazine


Title Track from 'Too Hot To Hoot' (2015)

"Born to hootenanny they play swingin’ old-time country and have a real zinger of record called Pinecone Cowboy" - BeatRoute Magazine


" Wittily crafted, downtempo western melodies, a cactus in the ass of modern, power-ballad country crooners that forgot the music of their grandfathers." - Mackenzie Herd, EXCLAIM! Magazine

Boots & The Hoots are an Albertan country & western based in Red Deer and formed in 2013.

Photo courtesy of Twitchy Finger Photography - Red Deer, Alberta