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L&R Artist Profile: Groove Apostles

Breaking the boundaries of traditional jazz, the Groove Apostles (GA) creates a modern sound fusing jazz and funk with a defying performance.

The Groove Apostles from Lethbridge Alberta is a small Jazz Combo that specializes in Traditional Jazz, Funk, and Contemporary Jazz music.

The band's classical background merges the sophistication of a Jazz Standard with the intensity and heart of a Soul tune. The band consists of five members that include a drummer, bassist, guitarist, pianist, and saxophonist. Each member performs their instruments with high level capability and musical expression that manifests energy, playfulness and creativity.

The Groove Apostles perform their own compositions as well as featuring guest artists. They perform for dinners, parties, weddings, and main event concerts.

Shelby Wilson

~Daniel Best -Bass
~Mathew Hellawell -Drums/ Vocals
~Vaughan Henning -Saxophone/ Guitar/ Vocals
~Daniel Yaretz -Keys/ Vocals