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Outdoor Art Gallery features "Living Walls"

Love & Records aims to offer an immersive experience for festival attendees to enjoy while they explore the park.  Each year we are proud to present an outdoor gallery space to provide local artists the chance to present their work. 

Curated by local artists and activists Kristen Krein and Troy Nickle, this year's outdoor art gallery will explore the theme "Living Walls."  Each local artist featured is interpreting this concept in their own unique style and perspective. A living wall - literally could be growing plants, it could be artists making a living wage, the garbage collected during a time of living or watching an artist create during the day - a living example of our beautiful existence. Please come see for yourself what the 5 chosen artists install during this years Love & Records!


  • Courtney Faulkner
  • Kiley Granberg
  • Jack Quincy
  • Aaron Hagan
  • Knitting a Revolution

This year's outdoor art gallery is proudly presented by:

Drunken Sailor


Owl Acoustic Lounge