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Picture the Rocky Mountains. We don’t have to: they’re visible from our campus on a clear day. You’ll find us two hours south of Calgary, located on a beautifully landscaped campus where, since 1957, we’ve been turning out graduates with the skills and knowledge demanded by industry.

We offer a wide spectrum of courses in human services, health, trades, technologies, justice, environmental science and more.

We believe in educating our students to be environmentally responsible and globally aware. We want to be their college of choice and an institution of distinction.    

Facts and Figures

Did you know Lethbridge College has:

  • a campus that sits on 274 acres?
  • some 4,000 full-time students annually?
  • more than 1,500 people?
  • upwards of 100 wildlife species in its Hubbard Collection?
  • five instructors named as best in southern Alberta by the apprenticeship and industry training board?
  • graduated three of every four members of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service?
  • roughly $600,000 available annually for scholarships?