Art Gallery, Community Support

Thank you Drunken Sailor & Owl Acoustic Lounge for supporting L&R!

Did you know Love & Records will feature a "Living Walls" outdoor art gallery? Made possible thanks to the support of local Lethbridge businesses Drunken Sailor and the Owl Acoustic Lounge!

Featuring 5 artists the outdoor art gallery will interpret the concept of Living Walls in their own unique style and perspective.  A living wall literally could be growing plants, it could be artists making a living wage, the garbage collected during a time of living or watching an artist create during the day - a living example of our beautiful existence. 

Please visit to see for yourself the wonderful art of:

  • Courtney Faulkner
  • Kiley Granberg
  • Jack Quincy
  • Aaron Hagan
  • Knitting a Revolution

Be sure to thank the fine folks at Owl Acoustic and Drunken Sailor for supporting local culture and providing a living wage for our artists!  Be sure to support local artists and respect their work!