Community Support, Support L&R

Thank you University of Lethbridge for supporting L&R!

We are proud to announce the University of Lethbridge as a sponsor of this year's Love & Records! The sponsorship provided by the University allowed the Love & Records planning team to bring a Ferris Wheel to this year's event - on a by-donation basis.  The best part is that donations will be accepted in exchange for rides in support of student scholarships at the University of Lethbridge.

The University of Lethbridge fosters an environment that meets the educational and personal needs of students through excellent teaching, exposure to research, interaction with professors and instructors, academic advising, counseling, and cultural, recreational and extracurricular programs.

The U of L values and supports many approaches to teaching and learning, and strive to be a leader in using teaching tools, techniques, and technologies to facilitate, ameliorate, and refine the educational experience.

Find the University of Lethbridge on site at this year's Love & Records with an amazing lounge for alumni, students, and community members.