Community Support, LP, Support L&R

Thank you Community Radio Fund of Canada for supporting L&R!

We are happy to have the continued support from the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) for Love & Records!  Since 2014 the CRFC has provided substantial support for the live entertainment, audio personnel, and production costs for our event.  The Love & Records Live Compilation LP 2014, 2015, & 2016 is made possible thanks to CRFC.

The mission of the Community Radio Fund of Canada is to build and improve campus and community radio for all Canadians through funding and collaborations.  The campus and community radio sector is accessible, sustainable and reflects the diversity of all Canadians. It contributes to Canada's social, cultural and economic development, promotes volunteerism and leads to locally created programming in urban, rural and remote areas.

CKXU Radio Society is the organizer and primary event presenter of Love & Records.  The event provides a prime opportunity for CKXU to connect with the community while showcasing Lethbridge's diverse and rich music culture. Love & Records is Lethbridge's music festival and record fair held annually in September.

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