NOW HIRING: Post-Production Audio Engineer for L&R2015 LP Project

Project Overview

Love & Records is a Music Festival and Record Fair held annually in September at Galt Gardens in Downtown Lethbridge, Alberta presented by the campus-community radio station, CKXU 88.3 FM.

For the 2015 edition of Love & Records, the entire days’ worth of performances on the main stage were recorded live from the mixing board and we are now using those audio files to produce a live compilation LP record of the festival.

The audio files consist of 32 channels of non-stop recording from the entire day (including “dead air”/set changes, etc) and were recorded in Apple’s Logic Pro X software. This is where they currently exist now.

The audio files have been reviewed and narrowed-down to 32 individual tracks (identified by timing marks in the Logic Pro X software), from which 6-10 individual tracks will be selected (based on length and quality) for inclusion on the final product. Those individual tracks will need to be professionally edited, mixed and exported as individual audio files for mastering.

The finished product will be a commercially-produced vinyl record that we will be sold at the 2016 edition of the Love & Records festival.

Position Overview

As the Post-Production Audio Engineer for the L&R2015 LP Project, you will report to the CKXU Love & Records Executive Committee.

During the course of your involvement in this project, you will be responsible for working with the L&R2015 LP Project Managers to select the 6-10 individual tracks for inclusion. You will then be responsible for editing and mixing these tracks, producing high quality digital versions of complete songs that can be delivered to the pressing plant for mastering and LP manufacturing.

Position Requirements

  • Formal experience (5 years+) with professional audio engineering and production
  • Experience with editing and mixing live audio recordings, including “crowd noise”
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to dedicate the time required for a project such as this in a short time frame (approx 4 weeks duration)
  • Cooperative nature, willing to work with others during the song selection process
  • Equipment (mixing board and computer) to produce the required deliverable (completed audio files)

Job Type: Short-term project-based position
Compensation: The project has a $1,500 budget for this position
Commence Work: As soon as possible
Deliverable Deadline: June 30th, 2016

TO APPLY: email info@loveandrecords.ca with your resume/CV and your contact information as well as an audio sample of your work.

Application Deadline: May 31st 2016 4:30pm

All are thanked for applying, but only those who are considered for an interview will be contacted.