Community Radio Fund of Canada continues support of Love & Records

The Love & Records organizing committee has 50,000 good reasons to be excited about this year's event after receiving a substantial grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC).  The $50,000 Radiometres grant will allow for the production of the Love & Records 2015 LP Compilation as well as the Love & Records 2016 LP Compilation!  

The support from CRFC allows CKXU to host a truly engaging community music festival.  There is funding earmarked for festival personnel, live entertainment, marketing, as well as the compilation production.

This is not the first time CKXU has received CRFC support for the Love & Records festival.  In 2014 a $30,000 grant was awarded allowing for the substantial growth of the festival and the production of the first compilation LP.

Love & Records is about celebrating the music community in Lethbridge.  To show your support, consider becoming an event sponsor, supporter, or volunteer!  Every contribution helps us to continue to build a great outdoor free music festival in the Downtown.

Find out more about CRFC and the Radiometres program here:

Stay tuned for more details!