Listen to Love & Records

  1. Every year you can tune in LIVE to hear Love & Records as it happens in Downtown Lethbridge - locally on 88.3FM, online at, and with partner stations across Canada. 
  2. Thanks to the support of the Community Radio Fund of Canada we produced three limited edition compilations from 2014, 2015, and 2016 performances - LPs are available in stores across Alberta! 
  3. You can also tune in on this page to hear Love & Records radio - episodes created from past events that feature live interviews, live performances, and a behind the scenes look at Lethbridge's music festival.

Love & Records 2014 LP

Love & Records 2014 Radio


Love & Records 2015 LP

Love & Records 2015 Radio


Love & Records 2016 LP

Love & Records 2016 Radio